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Barbie's Bear


Barbie's Bear is an 11" artist teddy bear is made from a hand drawn pattern exclusive to Tindle Bears and has the following features,

-cotton fabric core with sequin cluster overlay with satinne fabric accents
-Custom painted acrylic eyes with lids
-vintage glass button nose
-hand stamped felt paw pads
-cotter pin jointed
-weighted with steel shot and stuffed with all new polyfil
-accessories include, removable custom hair clip bow, custom taffeta ruffle collar with vintage flower jewelry accent

This is a very weird (but intriguing) texture. a bit on the crunchy side but oddly softish.

Each one of my bears are original from start to finish and come from a smoke free home and studio. My bears are great for cuddling on a cold night or gallivanting about town with! Their calming effect and pleasant faces can soothe and entertain. Their ability to emote and reflect positive energy is perfect for nursing home residents, grown up kids, lonely hearts and those who are allergic to pets!

These artist bears are not meant for children but intended for adult collectors.

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